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Till´s Chimera Profile Pack

As a little teaser here´s a pack of 6 free test profiles:

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IMG_2399_SW_cut2This pack puts you in the producer´s chair. Instead of single, raw amp tones you get a collection of multi tube amp/multi cab/multi microphone setups. Just like the big names in rock music production mix their amp setups, the idea behind this pack was to use the benefits of each component in order to make something bigger out of it.

Till´s Chimera Profile Pack

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24 Multi Setups + 48 Variations + 24 Cab Profiles.

Ever thought about the sawing intensity of a modern Djent style tone mixed with the low End “black album” chunk? Some of the best German, British and Californian tones working together and complementing each other? Your crunch tones don´t cut though the band mix or you just need more clarity for complex chords? Then this might be something for you. chimera_amps3
By carefully selecting and combining amp setups and doing countless test profiles, some of the best multi setups are now available in this pack: Huge tones with lots of clarity and string separation while maintaining a focused, non-honky midrange, combined with great dynamics that support the transients and dynamics your picking style. While many profiles work great for either playing for yourself or working in a mix, these profiles were designed to fit both situations equally well.
From rock to metal, these profiles work great for many styles. Roll back the volume pot on your guitar or reduce the amp gain and you can get great rock, crunch or even clean tones out of it. Most profiles were post processed to remove unwanted high end fizz and low end rumble while maintain a lot of punch in the lower end frequencies which also works great with low tunings and baritones guitars.
All profiles are very EQ friendly. Due the broad frequency spectrum the tonestack can used with great efficiency. Roll back the bass and boost the mids for great lead tones without getting honky or boxy. Lower the KPA “definition” control to get a little more vintage feel without putting a blanket ofer your speakers or loosing clarity.
Each profile comes in 3 variations. The basic sound is the unaltered profile, with lots of gain and huge low end. Best choice for single coils and other guitars that can use a little boost in the lower frequencies. The “B” variations use a EQ as a pre gain stage “booster, which doesn´t boost”. Similar to using a tubescreamer but without the nasty mid honk, the sound gets tighter by shifting some of the low end into a more intense and mid juicy sound. Combined with a noise gate, those are great from palm muted low string staccatos. The “C” Variations are even more “mix-friendly”, especially when using baritone guitars and low tunings. The gain is reduced a little more and there is an extra EQ in the post amp stage that cuts a little more low end.
Together with the Kemper rigs, you also get the corresponding cab for each profile, tagged and ready to use. If you like experimenting by changing cabs, this is for you. If you liked the free cab pack, you will love these!!!
24 multi setups + 48 variations + 24 cab profiles.

Audio Samples
Hi Gain Several reamping passes using different high gain profiles. Each pass with the same procedure: single guitar track left, 2 guitar tracks left and right, mix with 2 guitar tracks, bass and drums, mix with 2 guitar tracks, bass, drums and 2 fill-in melody guitars. Zero post processing on all guitars.

Low Gain/Crunch
Demonstrates the right hand dynamics. The amount of gain was not changed within the clips.

Gain cleanup
Uses Profile no. 12 with gain reducing slowly from 6.5 to 0.

Video of Chimera profile 001 in action

Many thanks to David Chamberlin from dbwproductions for creating this nice video:

Another nice Video from DWBPRODUCTIONS dbwproductions using the Chimera profiles and additional FX from the Eventide Ultra Channel