Kemper Profile Packs

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5 thoughts on “Kemper Profile Packs

  1. HI,… (i write from italy, sorry for my bad english), kindly ask you: you have also sound profile for stomp pedals? and ambient effects templates ?

    Thanks, Best regards!!

  2. Hello I’ve been looking for Marshall Vintage Modern 2266 Kemper profiles to use with Fender Strats with out any success .
    Can you help me
    Thank you Tim Hodges
    Melbourne Australia

  3. Hi,

    Do you have or are you planning to have a profile of the Marshall Major amp? I’m crazy about Ritchie Blackmore’s sound (Machine Head until the first Rainbow album). If you have that, I’d definitely want to buy that pack.
    Thanks, kind regards,

  4. Hi there! If I buy the Chimera pack how is it downloaded just like in the Kemper website on my memory stick then straight into the kemper?

    Many thanks in advance, Rob.

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