Mix, Master, Reamping

Do you plan recording a demo or a whole album? We offer a wide range of services that might help you realize your project. You can focus on your music while take care of the rest! Renting studios and their engineers can be a pricey adventure while the end product always is an unpredictable thing. Due to time pressure the music performance itself suffers heavily in most cases. We offer you to record all your performances on your own while assisting where necessary. Take your time to finish your recordings to simply get the best out of it. Afterwards you send us your recorded multitack audio files or DAW projects and we take care of the sound. Using Reamping and Drum Replacement you do not need high end equipment when recording. Using an unexpensive DI Box for bass and guitars is enough. Reamping your dry tracks the tonal possibilities are endless. You wan´t a big, produced drum sound? No problem! Even if you use a budget recording setup, the possibilities are huge.
Interested? Just send us an mail to “admin [at] tillschleicher.com.

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